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Grade 11-12 

Begin to clear Physics concepts by scheduling a meeting with a trained and qualified physics tutor online. MathMakeSmart’s online physics tutors are experts in the field and can make the subject conceivable and interesting without stressing out students. Each of our tutors follows a structured lesson plan depending on the student’s requirements and abilities. This helps students learn the basics of physics and get online physics tutor help for creative problem-solving and, experimentation.

MathMakeSmart follows the unique ‘Learning By Design’ methodology for physics help online. Our Physics teachers believe that each student possesses a special talent and ability. It is the responsibility of a high school physics tutor to realize the hidden potential of her student. MathMakeSmart offers physics tutoring for K-12 Grade students and helps them ace SCAT, SSAT, SAT, and AP exams.

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Searching for a “Physics Tutor Near Me”? Say goodbye to all the exhausting in-person classes. We will connect you to our professional and experienced online Physics Tutors in the USA, that will schedule one-on-one classes with you.

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It is Time to Pump Up Your Grade with MMS’s Online Physics Tuition 

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Are You Looking for Help from some of the best minds in the World? Are You Having Trouble Understanding Physics and are looking for Physics Homework Help Online? Well, look no further because MMS’s Online Physics Tutors in the USA will come to your aid.

Learning in Online Classroom 

We have created a platform that is more human than tech. We understand the troubles and risks in learning associated with online learning. We ensure that we eliminate any differences that distinguish an in-person classroom from an online one. We take the help of videos and other similar resources to teach students. Our tutors teach different experiments and the practical working of each concept. We make sure that student’s learning is not impeded; rather we turn this weakness into strength.

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Trail lessons are for testing our Physics tutor’s ability and the way he/she teaches. It’s your right to take a free Physics Trial lesson before booking any of our packages. No payment is required for a free trial just fill out this form and tell us your availability. 

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We harness the power of technology to make online classrooms more fun and interactive than regular classrooms.

Personalized Physics Tutoring 

Every session that you take with our tutors is one-to-one and highly personalized. We encourage our tutors to not use standardized resources, but rather think outside the box. Physic is such an intriguing subject that it cannot be limited to the bounds of a mere classroom. 

This is why our tutors employ fun and engaging techniques to get you interested in this subject. They take the help of online resources and other engaging sites to share videos, games, and tests with you. You can understand, review, and apply quantum theory, determine velocity, and solve for other the most complex physics equations on the interactive whiteboard. 

You can also avail help from our highly talented tutors on physics labs and lab reports. They will get you fully prepared for any upcoming physics tests and exams that you may have. They also have access to a wide array of classified resources. Students do not usually have access to these like official slides and notes. We make sure that we expand the scope and horizon of learning for our students at the best Tutoring website in the USA.

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The physics curriculum is one of the three sciences courses that are being offered at the high school level. Students must score a decent grade in this to qualify and acquire acceptance into prestigious institutes. 

Our tutors teach Physics using a tactful combination of instructional videos, tests, fun quizzes, multimedia lessons, and projects. An engaging approach to teaching is adopted. Our students get excited about learning Physics and preparing well for college-level science. 

Are you looking for online physics tutors in the USA? 

High School and AP Physics 

Our Physics tutor will help high school, college, and AP Physics B students secure a decent grade in this subject. They will assist you to complete your homework, prepare for tests, and understand key concepts that you have trouble grasping, including:

  • Magnitude
  • Range Equation
  • Projectile Motion
  • Physics formulas
  • Magnetic field
  • Acceleration
  • Newton’s Law
  • Vectors 
  • Circular Motion 

Some other key learning objectives that we have established are:

  • Use graphs and equations to solve for speed and velocity 
  • Analyze how light waves bend around objects
  • Employ Ohm’s law to compute voltage, current, or resistance.
  • Application of the right-hand rule to determine the direction of the magnetic force on a charge
  • Calculate kinetic energy, mass, or velocity when the other two quantities are given
  • Describe and practice Newton’s first, second, and third laws of motion.
  • Use the half-life concept to describe and calculate the rate of decay of an isotope.
  • Explain how electromagnetic waves transfer energy by radiation.
  • Differentiate between absorption, transmission, reflection
  • Identify Einstein’s two postulates of special relativity
  • Solve problems using Kepler’s laws.
  • Refraction, and diffraction

In high school, Physics is not just about understanding the concept. You need to know about the application of each concept and how can it be used ahead.  In the coming steps of your career in academic and professional sciences, you will need to have a strong understanding of each Physics concept; from theory to practical application.  These are the core areas our tutors focus on too. They thrive on the passion to teach Physics and share their experience with you.

Online physics Tutors in USA Wo You Can Trust

Physics is not like other subjects; it demands a great deal of attention to detail and a solid grasp of the concepts. It is one of the core subjects of science that only brilliant minds can teach. We understand that if you want to pursue a degree in this field you need a good understanding of physics. You must be proficient in all the basic concepts and key principles.

This is why we exercise a rigorous tutor screening and selection process. In it, we spend a good amount of time ensuring that the tutors we are hiring are capable. We look at their qualifications and credentials and make sure that they have a diversified knowledge set so that they can assist you with any query and concern you may have regarding the subject. 

We ask all our tutors to submit their identity documents beforehand. Only then they are allowed to provide any tutoring services. 

High Impact Tutoring 

Many people fail to excel at physics because of the fact that their ideas and questions are suppressed. They are unable to share any queries and ambiguities they may have.  They do not want to disturb the class. Our online physics tutor in the USA solves this issue. They make sure that students learn in a conducive and responsive environment. 

Everything from Physics Homework helps online to test preparation 

We offer the perfect solution to this problem. We have designed a 1:1 class so that students do not feel reluctant to share their questions. You can raise any concerns they may have with the learning process. We ensure that a conducive learning environment is created for them. These bright minds are given a safe space to debate. You can ask the tutor multiple times for revision and challenging physics principles. 

100% Tuition Satisfaction Guarantee 

We are confident that all our students will learn something better. They will be able to achieve the best results with our online physics tuition services. We believe in only offering the best services and guaranteeing 100% satisfaction. 

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