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Grade 1-10

Get the science help you need right now, from an experienced online Science tutor who can help you truly understand key concepts and solve problems on your own. From biology to physics, our online Science tutoring is here for you 24/7, whether you’re doing homework or preparing for an important exam.

Online Private Tutoring for all of these subjects

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Introductory human anatomy & physiology (A&P)
  • Organic chemistry
  • Physics

What We Offer

Looking for an online science tutor in the USA can be a tedious task. You can dedicate hours and still not find a qualified and trained tutor, or expert in the US science curriculum. But at MMS, we help you find the best science tutors in the USA so that your excellent scores help you land admission to your dream college.

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Subjects & Grade Levels

1st - 12th Grade

Lesson Plans


  1. Life Science
  2. Earth Science
  3. Earth & Space Science
  4. Space Science
  1. Rocks and Minerals
  2. Slow Changes on Earth
  3. Fast Changes on Earth
  4. Electricity
  5. Magnetism
  6. Living Things Need Energy
  7. Living Things and Their Environment
  1. Nutrition in Plants
  2. Nutrition in Animals
  3. Fiber to Fabric
  4. Heat
  5. Acids, Bases and Salts
  6. Physical and Chemical Changes
  7. Weather and Climate
  8. Winds, Storms and Cyclones
  9. Soil
  10. Respiration in Organisms
  11. Transpiration in Animals and Plants
  12. Reproduction in Plants
  13. Motion and Time
  14. Electric Current and Its Effects
  15. Light
  16. Water and Its Wastage
  17. Forests
  1. Nelson Science focus 10
  2. Investigating Science 10
  3. Pearson Science 10
  1. Life Science (Plants Life Cycle )
  2. Animals Life cycle
  3. Earth minerals
  4. Earth’s Resources
  5. Objects in Motion
  6. States of Matter
  7. Classification
  8. Earth events
  1. Structure of Living Things
  2. Plants Structure and Functions
  3. Animal Kingdom
  4. Human Body Systems
  5. Food
  6. Heath and Hygiene
  7. Safety and First Aid
  8. Our Environment
  9. Air
  10. Earth’s Water
  11. Earth’s Weather
  12. Our Universe
  13. The Solar System
  14. Rock and Minerals
  15. Machines
  16. Types of Matter
  17. Changes in Matter
  18. Life Cycles
  1. Conservation of Plants and Animals
  2. Cell – Structure and Functions
  3. Reproduction in Animals
  4. Force and Pressure
  5. Friction
  6. Sound & Light
  7. Chemical Effects of Electrical Current
  8. Stars and Solar System
  9. Pollution of Land, Air and Water
  10. Micro-organisms
  11. Synthetic Fibers and Plastics
  12. Metals and Non-Metals
  13. Coal and Petroleum
  14. Combustion and Flame
  1. Adaptations in Land Environment
  2. Adaptations in Land Environment
  3. Environments Change
  4. Our Earth, Sun and Mon
  5. Matter
  6. Energy
  7. Light
  1. Earth’s Ecosystem & Life Cycles
  2. Earth’s Land and Water
  3. Heat Energy
  4. Energy in Earth’s System
  5. Earth’s Structure
  6. Earth’s Surface
  7. Earth’s Resources
  8. Motion and Measurement of Distances
  9. Light, Shadows and Reflection
  10. Electricity and Circuits
  11. Fun with Magnets
  12. Food: Where does it come from?
  13. Components of Food
  14. Separation of Substances
  15. Changes Around Us
  16. Getting to Know Plants
  17. Body Movements
  1. Nelson Science focus 9
  2. Investigating Science 9
  3. Pearson Science 9

Professional Tutors

Subject Specialist

MMS science tutoring offers a wide range of individualized instructions and sessions on essentially all domains of science for all grades. We believe that if students develop a strong understanding of the fundamental science concepts, they are more inclined towards choosing science as their primary career field.  

Transforming Education, Accelerating Outcomes 

Many students give up hope to study and excel at science in primary and middle school because they have difficulty following challenging and complex topics. But we make sure, that we get students excited and interested in even the most convoluted and challenging fields of science.

Whether it’s biology, physics, or chemistry, our trained and qualified tutors excel in all fields. Their expertise goes beyond mere understanding of the concepts. Rather, they explore the application and implication of each concept so that the students can view science as a viable career option.

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Trail lessons are for testing our Science tutor’s ability and the way he/she teaches. It’s your right to take a free Science Trial lesson before booking any of our packages. No payment is required for a free trial just fill out this form and tell us your availability. 

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Transforming Education, Accelerating Outcomes

We Build a Custom Tutoring Solution

We do not believe in the conventional style of teaching. We understand that everybody has their mood and their own time for studying. We do not want to disturb that routine. Rather we want to make it more productive and effective.

We let the students set the tone and approach for teaching. All our sessions are one-to-one so that students can communicate however they like.

MMS is the new solution to science tuition online.

High Dosage

From science homework to projects and test preparation, we keep all the resources at hand. We ensure that we have everything, from captivating videos to online science games that can facilitate an interactive tutoring session.

If all students have to do is look in front of a screen and try to soak in the concepts, then why would they need additional help? We go beyond the traditional bounds of classrooms and try to create these fun learning spaces where students can ask and challenge whatever they want.

Our tutors have great patience and an appetite for teaching; they are committed to imparting education and helping others learn.

What Can You Expect?

The specific curricular frameworks vary from school to school and different topics are taught across grade levels. However, our approach to learning and instructional resource material is highly standardized and we can assist students of all grades.

Whether you are having difficulty getting along with elementary school science or are unable to unravel the theoretical models of science, physics, and chemistry in your middle and high school, our tutors have got you covered.

Elementary School

Elementary school is the first real introduction to science for students. Initially, surface-level concepts are taught to the students. However, it is critical for students to clear their concepts at this stage because essentially all of the science is built upon these fundamentals. We help children at this stage to master the following core topics:

  • Life Science
  • The life cycle of plants and animals
  • Characteristics of organisms
  • Ecosystems
  • State of matter
  • Chemical changes
  • Observations and types of heat
  • Basic behavior and properties of light
  • Basic understanding of sound
  • Forces
  • Magnets
  • Measurements
  • Objects in Solar System
  • Common weather conditions
  • Fossils

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Middle School

This is a more advanced level and students who want to pursue a career in science need to understand these topics and concepts well. Our trained experts ensure that students are not locked into a boring routine of learning, rather interactive and engaging science sessions are designed for them. Our tutors take the help of YouTube and other resources available online to spark students’ interest in this field.

The following topics are covered in our one-to-one, science tutoring sessions:

  • Differences among taxonomic groups of organisms 
  • Cellular composition of organisms 
  • Human Anatomy 
  • Photosynthesis 
  • Diversity, adaptation, and natural selection 
  • Reproduction
  • Fossil records
  • Composition of matter
  • Periodic table
  • Basic atomic structure
  • Energy forms
  • Changes in matter
  • Newton’s Law of motion 
  • Earth, space, and science

These are a few of the many topics that we cover individually based on their classification; physics, biology, and chemistry. 

High School

This is the point where students decide if they are interested in a future in science. This determining point puts a lot of pressure on students as they are not just preparing for their final high school exams but are also working for their undergrad admissions. 

At MMS, we make sure that students are prepared for any and all challenges that wait ahead for them. Our private science tutors design the class curriculum in a way that minimum pressure is exerted on students. They are given space to complete other tasks and focus on their applications too. 

The primary concepts that our tutors focus on for high school science are:

  • Classification of organism
  • Cells
  • Human Body System
  • Plants
  • Water 
  • Weather
  • Ecosystem
  • Earth’s Resources
  • Changes in Matter
  • Energy
  • Forces in Motion
  • Electricity 
  • Technology
  • Anatomy 
  • Earth in Space 

Not to Disappoint, But to Encourage 

At MMS, we deliver tutoring solutions that are responsive, remarkably designed, and just in time. We make sure that our students do not have to wait hours just to discuss a simple solution.  We have set high standards of professionalism and academic excellence that our students choose us over and over again. We share the common objective of helping students land a good university and nudge them toward their desired careers. We do not want to discourage students from exploring a scientific field because they are unable to score well.  

We closely examine each theory, every concept, and all discussions in detail to make sure that students obtain a strong grasp of the topic. We are training future scientists in the making and we could not be prouder! 

Let’s Learn Together!

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