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What You Get

Economical Pricing

We offer amazingly economical packages. Starting as low as less than $6 per hour. Yes you saw it absolutely right we have packages as low as $5.45 per hour.

Free worksheets

We provide practice and revision material completely free. If you look at most sites, they will charge you money if you want to use their resources.

Flexible Timings

We are available at whatever times our students need us. We are available till late in the night for our students to help them with their studies.

Monthly planners

We have this unique feature that allows teachers, students, and parents to plan the whole month in advance and make sure that all the learning goals are achieved.

Monthly assessments

We conduct monthly tests to make sure that we have achieved the goals that are set in monthly planners and students and parents can track the monthly progress.

Interactive Learning

Learning with us is like doing your lessons with a teacher who is physically present with you. We bring the learning to your sitting room. You can learn from the comfort of your home.

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