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English is a complicated language with myriad concepts and rules. It takes years of learning and practice to truly master it. Our online English tutors are very expert and professional in English proficiency. At MathMakeSmart.com, our expert and experienced online English tutor USA not only focus on your child’s school curriculum to help them ace exams but also provides the guidance and support necessary to increase your child’s confidence in reading and comprehension. Our one-to-one online English classes with state-of-the-art technology and our Learning by Design methodology ensure that students significantly strengthen their language and communication skills, that too at affordable prices!

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Searching for an “English Tutor Near Me”? Say goodbye to all the exhausting in-person classes. We will connect you to our professional and experienced online English Tutors that will schedule one-on-one classes with you.

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We Boast the Team of the Best Online English Tutors in the USA Learn English you need to become a Leader From learning the art of public speaking to mastering the essential communication and written skills, learn everything about the English Language from the Best Explore a wide array of timely topics from the US Curriculum while expanding on proper grammar use and domain-specific vocabulary.

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Become a fluent English Speaker and Communicate Eloquently with Your Peers We have created a platform where we have a little something for everyone. No matter what class or grade you belong to, if you want to improve your English language and want to excel at it, MMS has got you covered. Nowadays, everyone is looking for English tuition online. With rapid globalization and the elimination of communication barriers, everybody is trying to gain proficiency in English. Especially students who aim to study or work in foreign areas need to have a strong grip on English as this language is widely accepted and spoken worldwide.

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Trail lessons are for testing our English tutor’s ability and the way he/she teaches. It’s your right to take a free English Trial lesson before booking any of our packages. No payment is required for a free trial just fill out this form and tell us your availability. 

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Our English tutors can help you achieve your English learning goals without any hassle! Discover how fun it can be to learn English in a conducive environment. English tutors here have designed courses for all skill levels and cover everything from the basics of small talk to crafting well-formed and well-presented opinions regarding topical and complex issues. We want to ensure that our students stand out among a crowd and do not shy away from conversing articulately and eloquently. 

Our Tutors have Designed Interactive Classrooms 

English is not the course of a number like Math; you cannot just solve a few equations on the board and expect the students to get a hold of all the concepts. It is a comprehensive language built with a multitude of aspects ranging from vocabulary and syntax to grammar and punctuation. Students are not learning a subject but are learning a life-long skill. To foster healthy learning, our tutors have cultivated a culture of interactive learning where a free zone is created for the students to speak their minds. 

What You Will Learn 

English is a core subject in the education curriculum of the United States and is therefore taught widely in all grades and levels up until high school. The following are the topics that our tutors cover in their lessons:

Primary School

Online English Teaching by our tutors for students in primary school essentially revolves around six key areas: Writing, reading, listening, representing, grammar, and vocabulary. At this stage, the students are getting familiar with the fundamentals of the language and it is crucial to building a strong base. We will cover the following concepts:

  • Reading and Spelling

    Students are encouraged to understand the basic features of reading. Our English tutors encourage them to become familiar with different writing patterns and different scripts.
    Students are given different reading assignments and are asked to draw conclusions from their readings to sharpen their analytical skills. Students are asked to answer essential questions and are motivated to make predictions and compare the information.
    An interest in reading is also developed by exposing students to multiple genres and types of scripts so that they can continue reading whatever they enjoy. 

  • Speaking

    The spoken language is also improved by introducing students to phonics, syllabication, and different word parts. Students are also encouraged to present their work by reading it out loud so that their pronunciation can be assessed. 

  • Grammar and Vocabulary

    Our English tutors ensure that students are taking an active part in learning new words every day and incorporating those words into their written and spoken language. They are also taught about the grammar principles and parts of language like adjectives, nouns, verbs, and prepositions. 


Middle School

At this level, an advanced approach to teaching English is adopted. A diversity of texts from all across the world, representing different cultures are shared with the students. Multiple genres of writing are discussed to foster an appreciation for varied modes of expression. 

A strong reading program is taught so that students gain a strong grasp of the literature, its evolution, and its significance. A pedagogy is adopted that introduces students to writing-as-thinking practices, freewriting prompts, and visual-to-text learning models. 

From interpretation to a critical analysis of prompts is conducted so that students can refine their understanding of different comprehensions. This also offers them ample opportunity to learn the use of proper grammar and vocabulary. The linguistic knowledge of middle school students is also enhanced by building on concepts of pronunciation, punctuation, and grammar. 

High School

High School English course is very diversified and it extends over both language and literature. The following goals are set for students:

  • Read and understand increasingly challenging and complex tests that augment knowledge in fields of science, history, and arts
  • Understand and apply proper grammar rules in writing 
  • Achieve a clear understanding of figurative language, form, and perspective 
  • Learn about citation
  • Determine a central idea of a text
  • Compare and contrast how language assists an author’s purpose 
  • Support claims with reasons and evidence in different types of essays
  • Correct common errors in sentences
  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of foundational works of American literature
  • Analyze the seminal works of literary nonfiction
  • Learn to use standard English 

You Need to Master English 

Our English tutors emphasize more practice to help you speak and express your ideas and opinions in proper English. They help you build your confidence with conversation practice in English on everyday topics. They help you learn the basic fundamentals of the language so that you excel not just in writing but speaking too. 

English is the very essence of business communication. If the students do not master this language at the preliminary stage, they will struggle to participate in cross-culture communication and will eventually lose out on jobs and great opportunities.

English is no longer just a mode of education; it is the basis of communication and opportunities; it is a powerful tool for academic and career growth.   

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