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6 Best Ways Of Studying Effectively For Hours

1. How To Study Effectively

Do you feel sleepy while studying? Do you get tired just studying for five minutes? Do you want to be a topper but can’t focus on study for even five to ten minutes?

Then don’t worry students here are some best-guaranteed ways of studying which I had tried. Just follow these ways and see results. That’s why we have made 6 best ways of studying effectively for hours of study for you.

2. Set Up Your Comfort Zone

May you had always heard that don’t sit in a comfortable place to study! May some of your psycho fellow buddies sit straight without a blanket in the lounge or at stairs so that they don’t get sleepy and can study more? Then don’t ever think about following that ways of studying.

What I did in my whole student life is setting up a comfort zone for me for the first five or even ten minutes.

Finding the best place where no one would disturb me.

Putting four to five cushions around to be comfortable at all

Finally bringing all notes, books, and handbooks of the relevant subject whether I use them all or not.


While sitting straight without any comfort can tire us and eventually we can stop studying more early than usual even. Sitting in a comfort zone would not tire us and we can focus on study for more time.


The disadvantage of one of these ways of studying is this you can get a bit sleepy this way but no worries the solution is given below.

3. Keep 3 To 4 Water Bottles Beside You

Yes! Keep three to four water bottles beside you. Ah! Don’t just put them beside. Drink water from that time to time. Keep in mind that water should not be cold. This will surely help you avoiding sleep.


According to the research, drinking plenty of water boosts your mind. This will help you to focus on studies.

Secondly, due to drinking water from time to time, your urinary system will activate and for that, you must have to go bathroom from time to time. You can make fun of it but this trick is really working. Whenever you would get sleep, the urge for urination would not allow you to do so.


There is no disadvantage that I had ever notice in front of such pros.

4. Do You Work On A Daily Basis

I got 90 %age in my 10​th​ grade just focusing on this simple rule. I did all my work on a daily basis and never left my lesson for tomorrow even for a single day.  This is key to my success in my whole academic record.

5. Try To Teach Yourself(One Of The Best Ways Of Studying)

Try to teach the concept to yourself just like you are teaching someone else. Just imagine you are teaching your teacher. If you think, at last, you are able to satisfy your teacher with your concept, then this is the time you can teach anybody that concept and can never fail in that test or exam.

Don’t rush while studying. Read carefully what you want to learn. Try to take a picture of the words in your mind what you read. If you are in the habit of rushing then this could be a problem for you at first. Practice makes a man perfect. Try to practice this you will notice a change in yourself in just a week.

Be patient. Success comes after hurdles.

6. Group Discussions

Group discussion clears your concept. Invite your friends, who are serious in studies, for group discussion. When there is more than one brain thinking about the same thing there would surely be new working ideas.

You can discuss all the bullet points with your friends. This way you can remind your whole work once again.

7. Teach Your Friends

If any of your friends still had not prepared the lesson you can offer him to teach that. While teaching you use all the possible important words and they get printed in your mind. This is not only beneficial for your friend but also for you more.

8. Learn Smart From MMS

Only hard work is boring now. This is a digital world. You must have to be smart if you want to be a successful one. Try smart learning with MMS.

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All these ways of studying are experimentally proven. These will certainly help you. If you find these ways helpful or want to give some more suggestions then comment below and share the link with your friends.