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Qualities of a Good Online Tutor

Online tutoring is very easy if any person is willing to become an online tutor or wants to teach a different subject online especially math. I am going to highlight some of the key points for both parents and new tutors to understand about online tutoring.

I have been doing online tutoring and training tutors for more than 6 years now and I have learned so many things so far that I would like to share with you today. I think it will help and clear all your concerns about an online tutor.

1. Subject Knowledge

A good tutor is the one who has strong concepts about the specific subject. Tutor needs to practice and have good concepts about math or preferably any degree related to the math field.

2. Passion

A tutor must be passionate about teaching. If you enjoy spreading knowledge with others then you should go for teaching otherwise I would say you would be able to give your 100% to your students.

3. Become a guider

When it comes to teaching, it is the most respectful profession. A good tutor will always guide their students towards the best option. A good tutor is a guider, not just a solution provider.

4. Teaching methodology

Tutors must need to understand and adjust their teaching style according to the learning style of the student. Every person has a different learning style and adaptive capacity for new things. When the tutor matches its teaching style and frequency with the student then ultimately both will enjoy learning and teaching.

5. Good Communication

Communication is a very important aspect of teaching. A tutor must practice and polish their communication skill. A good accent will help you communicate better but no accent is also fine with good communication. A student must be able to understand the teacher.

6. Punctuality

This is something you cannot ignore. Once a parent told me, “Ali, you are not only teaching my daughter about math but also you are also teaching her how to be on time.”

7. Online tutoring platform

Well, when we talk about all the qualities of a good tutor, we cannot ignore the importance of the online tutoring platform experience. Online tutoring is relatively a new experience for most of the parents and students. Tutors should be able to guide them with this kind of tutoring.